LD Equestrian combines technical performance fabric with fashion-forward designs to create equestrian apparel that truly embraces performance-driven style and high quality. From great efforts to the smallest details considered, here is what sets LD Equestrian apart from all the others.

Ride In Style for Less LD EquestrianFor more wears and more rides

Our collection embraces high performance, lightweight fabric suitable for equestrians that demand the support to perform at their best, wear after wear.

We use combinations of spandex, polyester and nylon which have natural elasticity meaning it stretches with the rider to support better shape retention. These fabrics also contain a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed therefore they are very easy to care for. The built-in combination of the fabrics efficiently pulls moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate faster.  Since the wicking performance is built within the fabric and is not chemically treated the moisture-wicking performance will remain consistent throughout the life of the garment.

The fabrics we selectively process for our garments are soft to the touch, kind to your skin, quick drying and highly breathable so you don’t have to compromise on high quality, comfort or style.


LD Equestrian Technical Attributes


Dedicated designs

Our pieces compliment the shape of the modern rider whilst also remaining functional; bringing comfort to an intense schooling session or even a coffee morning with the girls. Our structure also offers the ultimate slimming and lifting enhancements for either illusion or maintenance.


Designed fit for any equestrian activity, our garments enable freedom of movement whilst providing coverage wherever and whenever you require it. Our soft and ultra-luxe clothing is constructed to hug and move with your body for utmost comfort and freedom of motion.

Each piece is methodically designed and thoroughly tested to ensure optimal comfort, performance and durability.



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