Where I Will Be Shopping At London Olympia Horse Show

London Olympia International Horse Show is one of the most anticipated equestrian events of the year. Just one week before Christmas, the entire stadium is alive with excitement as visitors gather over the course of seven days to shop the best retailers in the UK and watch the most thrilling equestrian competitions and displays from […]

LD Equestrian Blog The Ultimate Luxury Riding Helmet Antares PM Equestrian

The Ultimate Luxury Riding Helmet

Driven by performance and in search for excellence, Antares Sellier is the professional’s choice. The entire ethos of the French brand is to create luxurious and high tech products to benefit horse and rider. Antares Sellier believe riding is an art and this is evident throughout every single product that they create. The Antares Premium […]

LD Equestrian Blog 10 Things Nobody Told Me About Starting An Equestrian Brand

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Starting A Brand

 You can purchase ‘A Dummies Guide to Starting A Business’, you can work your back side off for a degree, you can watch other successful people do it and talk about it. But there are some things nobody can tell you about what to expect when starting a business. Here are just 8 I have […]

LD Equestrian Blog One Thing I Want To See Change In This Industry

One Thing That I Want To See Change In The Equestrian Industry

  I remember how I first came to this industry. I was at Blackpool beach on holiday with my parents as a kid, I had my pink glittery wellies on, clothes covered in sand but a great big smile sweeping across my face. I had loved horses long before even this but for me this […]

LD Equestrian Blog How to Dress Ridiculously well Even At The Barn

How To Dress Ridiculously Well… Even At The Barn

 We spend a lot of our time figuring out how to dress and this thought process should flow from our casual wardrobe through to our riding wardrobe. We all aspire to be the style envy of our friends and why should we compromise when it comes to what we wear to the stables? We spend […]

‘Diary of a Wimpy Eventer’ Victoria Brant Book Review

‘Be brave, do something courageous, the repayment you get will far outweigh the terror, I promise you’.   Hey everybody, I am thrilled to be sharing with you my review of Victoria Brant’s (AKA The Wimpy Eventer) first book! Before I dive in, will you do something from me? Go ahead and order yourself a […]

LD Equestrian Blog Lydia Duce Blog | FAQ | Sheffield | Horse Obsessed | Equestrian Entrepreneur


Hey guys, so last week I decided to open my Instagram up to questions. Due to the positive response, I decided to then dedicate a blog post to answering all your questions! So here goes! 1.       How old are you and where are you from? I am 23. God, I am getting so old! I […]

Get To Know Jess Dimmock LD Equestrian Sponsored Rider

Jess Dimmock Interview | LD Equestrian Sponsored Rider

We pulled sponsored rider International Show Jumper Jess Dimmock away from her hectic schedule to answer some of our questions and give you all the chance to get to know her a little more! Enjoy! Hi Jess, I am so happy that we are now working together! How do you feel about being a sponsored […]


Where I Will Be Shopping At Badminton Horse Trials 2018

It is arguably the highlight of the equestrian calendar, it marks the start of Summer and the start of the eventing season. But most importantly, it marks when we all become deep in Pimms and also debt from the shopping village. Here is where I will be shopping this year!   Holland Cooper Personally, Jade […]

LD Equestrian Blog Self Care How To Relax After A Stressful Time and Get Your Riding Back

How To Recover After A Stressful Time & Get Your Riding Back On Track

It can be very easy as an equestrian to get completely caught up in the care of your horses and completely forget about your own self care. Owning horses can prove to be a very stressful ideal especially when we try to fit them into our already rushed lifestyles.  As athletes, we can also work […]

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