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Horse&Rider Magazine LD Equestrian Riding Leggings Review


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When I was a little girl and before I could ride horses, I tried to find every connection that I could to equestrianism. I would brush my rocking horse, watch horse racing on tv and just about everything and anything that was remotely related to a horse. I  loved to read and had just about every single equestrian kid book I could. And instead of a monthly subscription of livery rent, feed bills and farrier appointments (which I do have now), I had a monthly subscription to Horse&Rider magazine.

So, here we are quite some years later and a lot has changed but a couple things have remained constant. 1. I am still obsessed with anything equestrian. 2. I still read Horse&Rider magazine. 

This month, it was an absolute pleasure to have one of my products reviewed by Horse&Rider magazine which was an amazing feeling. When I used to read this magazine as a young girl, folding over the pages of clothing and equipment I would need when I finally started riding, I could never have imagined years later one of my own products would possibly be reviewed and featured by the same magazine. 

LD Equestrian Grey Leggings Riding Tights


It also an incredible feeling that the review describes the leggings in the way that I wanted them to be. When creating each product I have a very precise reason for creating that particular product. I know what features I want to incorporate and I know how I want my customer to feel when they wear that product.


 Therefore, I am incredibly grateful that Horse&Rider Magazine agreed to the review and also for their kind words on both my product and my brand overall. Life goal achieved. 

You can read the review in full right here. 


 LD Equestrian Horse Riding Leggings Breeches Clothing Jacket

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