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What does it really take to be an equestrian influencer?


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LD Equestrian Style Blog, Pony Nuts, Gracie Tyte, What does it take to be an influencer


I first started @pony_nuts almost 4 years ago, on Boxing Day, when I got my first phone. It wasn’t an instant success, it didn’t just blow up overnight as many people believe! It’s a bit like a rolling snowball, the more you post and the more the posts are seen, the bigger the channel gets and the more likely it is to happen again. I’m very lucky that this large following has allowed me to be approached by companies and work with them in many ways. I only work with brands I truly believe in, so I know the products I promote are of the highest quality.


I find being an influencer very fun. It has opened a lot of opportunities for me and helped me find brands that are now firm favourites. Saying that, it is hard work too and requires time and effort!


To me being an influencer is about sharing my story and inspiring other people like myself to give things a go. I aim to make people laugh, to make them smile, and to offer friendly advice if its needed.


LD Equestrian Style Blog, Pony Nuts, Gracie Tyte, What does it take to be an influencer


I very much enjoy being an influencer as the support I receive is second to none. I try my best to return this support with high quality photos, interesting posts and honest reviews, without making my account too commercial. One of the main points about being an influencer is staying active. I must be on my account a lot to reply and to keep everyone informed about what’s going on, but what’s part of the fun of it!


There is a lot of pressure as an influencer and I think that is one of the biggest downfalls of it. Unfortunately, its not just a very simple case of coming on every evening to post a photo; each photo is carefully chosen! There are always messages to reply to and of course then there is the negativity that comes with having a large following! I try so hard to please everyone, but I think many people do not see how much effort goes in to maintaining an account, which is why I find it difficult to engage in long conversations with everyone as much as Id love to!


The best part about being an influencer is hands down the support I receive. I am in reality just a normal 14-year-old girl having fun with my ponies. To have so many people supporting me is so special and without them in my life would be very different. There are always people who I can ask for advice or talk to! It has also taught me a lot about marketing and social skills, improved my confidence and I have made so many friends through it. Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be one and cannot thank everyone who has helped me along the way.


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