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The Ultimate Luxury Riding Helmet


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Driven by performance and in search for excellence, Antares Sellier is the professional’s choice. The entire ethos of the French brand is to create luxurious and high tech products to benefit horse and rider. Antares Sellier believe riding is an art and this is evident throughout every single product that they create.

The Antares Premium Stingray Helmet was something that I had been swooning over all season as I regularly saw it on the PM Equestrian stand. They are unlike any other riding helmet on the market.

LD Equestrian Blog The Ultimate Luxury Riding Helmet Antares PM Equestrian

They come in a variety of different options, colours, customisation and finishes. I opted for the Grey Premium Stingray Helmet. Black is usually my staple colour however, I found it to be just a little too dark for me, I am very pale, and it made me look very washed out. They grey is also a very rich, deep grey colour which instantly you find yourself attracted to. I also find no problem in stylish it with my outfits. I even purchased my Free Jump Stirrups in Silver to match the hardware on the hat. Yes. I am aware I am now that girl. I think you can agree that this helmet is just simply beautiful. The stingray almost glitters when in the light, the gloss finish gives it a premium feel and the quality of the leather trim is just exceptional. All I needed was this helmet to fit…

In the past I have found shopping for riding helmets to be extremely challenging. There is no generic fit and therefore every brand of helmet is different. You may be in love with a particular helmet but until you are professionally fitted for one there is absolutely no guarantee that it will fit, and you will walk away with one. So, when I finally decided I had my heart set on this helmet, I was terrified that it would not fit me. However, the helmets are manufactured in just 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. But each helmet is given a different set of linings in which you can alter the size. For me this a great selling point for various reasons.

  • I could tailor the helmet to fit me.
  • If the lining became thin over time I could simply replace the lining not the helmet.
  • If I got home and the helmet felt too big, I could simply change the lining to adjust the size
  • I could take out the lining and wash them regularly

LD Equestrian Blog The Ultimate Luxury Riding Helmet Antares PM Equestrian

The Antares Premium Stingray Helmet retails at £ 550.00. This may seem a substantial amount considering that if you had a bad fall, you could ruin it. However, this helmet is a luxury product. It is hand crafted from only the finest materials. It is so elegant that whenever I wear it, I literally feel like I may as well be riding in a crown. Not only is it comfortable but it is extremely practical and made to the highest safety standards.

So, yes, I do believe that Antares Sellier has created the ultimate luxury riding helmet and a truly magnificent piece of art.



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