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10 Things Nobody Told Me About Starting A Brand


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 You can purchase ‘A Dummies Guide to Starting A Business’, you can work your back side off for a degree, you can watch other successful people do it and talk about it. But there are some things nobody can tell you about what to expect when starting a business. Here are just 8 I have learned so far.

1.       Double Everything

No matter how many times you plan and predict how long and how much money it will take to start a business – double it.

2.      Opportunity is Everything

My business has brought me so many new and exciting opportunities that I could have never anticipated. Just to name a few… featuring in magazine articles, displaying my products at world famous horse shows and working with professional athletes.


3.      You Need Thick Skin

Not everybody is kind unfortunately, especially in this industry. Sometimes, you need to block them out and focus on yourself. Allow them to motivate you not deter you.

4.      The Buzz

There is no better feeling than seeing a smiling customer proudly wearing one of your products. It makes the entire process worth it.

5.      Be Your biggest fan

Not everybody is going to believe in you at first. So, you need to be your biggest supporter and learn how to cheerlead yourself on.

6.      Sacrifices

Your business will demand more of you than anything or anyone. You will have to sacrifice a lot of time with friends and family, your money and free time all in the hope for your big payoff.

7.      Support

You will need support, so start surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. People that motivate you, cheer you on through the highs and pour you wine through the lows.


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8.      Education

You will never ever stop learning. And the greatest lessons will probably cost you in some way.

9.      Copying is a Compliment

When your business will start to get noticed, you will inevitably be copied. Learn to accept that when somebody takes the wording from your website or social media posts, they are your biggest fan. Copyright and trademark everything though… just in case.

10.   It is the best

It may be hard work but working for yourself is most rewarding feeling and possibly the best job you will ever have.



I wish you all the best.


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