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One Thing That I Want To See Change In The Equestrian Industry


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I remember how I first came to this industry. I was at Blackpool beach on holiday with my parents as a kid, I had my pink glittery wellies on, clothes covered in sand but a great big smile sweeping across my face.

I had loved horses long before even this but for me this memory stands out most. I ran over quicker than my parents could get to me to the huddle of ponies on the beach. I begged my dad to let me ride one. From the moment I set my foot in those stirrups, I was hooked.

Ever since that moment, horses have been my life.


LD Equestrian Blog Lydia Duce 1 Thing I Want To See Change In This Industry


My point is, I got into this world and this industry of work because of my love of horses. As I am sure this is the case for every other equestrian out there.

What I did not sign up for was the negative cloud that often shadows over the equestrian world. A cloud, I have been caught under on many occasions.



We have probably all faced this within our years in the industry. There have been occasions for myself where I have avoided spending time with my horses to avoid it. There are probably occasions where you have done the same. Truly this saddens me.

But now, all the judgement, all the comments and negativity have no effect on me. Because I have decided that they will not affect me. I have decided to always remind myself exactly why I got into this industry.


LD Equestrian Blog Lydia Duce 1 Thing I Want To See Change In This Industry


I got into this industry for our obsession of horses. I want to see a shift in the way people that share our space in the industry. I want to see us celebrate our obsession together. I want to educate young people that are starting to join the industry to support each other rather than compete.  I want us to all simply enjoy our horses.

I want to see a change, do you?







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