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How To Dress Ridiculously Well… Even At The Barn

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 We spend a lot of our time figuring out how to dress and this thought process should flow from our casual wardrobe through to our riding wardrobe. We all aspire to be the style envy of our friends and why should we compromise when it comes to what we wear to the stables? We spend most of our time there! But what is the key to dressing really really ridiculously well?



Focus on fit. Know your body shape and what works for you and curate clothing around that. Now I understand that it can be extremely hard to buy clothing that perfectly fits everybody, but you do have ways around this. First, you can contact companies that you are looking to buy from and speak to them about the fits of their products. Ask if the pieces are designed to be a regular or skinny fit or even what they recommend.  Secondly, you can always pay to get your clothing altered. I have found this a cost-effective way to make my clothing look more expensive.  


Carefully curate your clothing. Say that again now fast. Invest in timeless style not fast fashion. If you want your riding wardrobe to be durable, carefully select clothing that will not date. I ensure every garment I produce for LD Equestrian is designed to keep you looking effortlessly stylish season after season.


 We spend a lot of time choosing our clothing and rightly so, we spend a lot of time wearing it. Therefore, comfort is key. Yes, we may aspire to look well but we need to feel it too. Ensure all your clothing items are comfortable as well as stylish.


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The finishing touch should be your accessories. I recommend that you opt for the same hardware, for example your belt, jewellery and detailing should all compliment one and over. I opt for silver as I just find this to be the most convenient to find and style.


If you need help curating some pieces for your riding wardrobe or need further help and advise, please get in touch with me.










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