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How To Recover After A Stressful Time & Get Your Riding Back On Track

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It can be very easy as an equestrian to get completely caught up in the care of your horses and completely forget about your own self care. Owning horses can prove to be a very stressful ideal especially when we try to fit them into our already rushed lifestyles. 

As athletes, we can also work continuously hard to improve our fitness and health but completely disregard our mental well being. To help you practice better self care here are 5 small things you can do:

LD Equestrian Blog Self Care
1. Try meditation. If you just eye rolled, believe me I get you. I have spent many a time turning my nose up at meditation and thinking what a load of…  But trust me,  5 minutes of meditation can be a godsend! Plus if it is a load of… Why do some of the worlds most successful people carry out daily meditating such as Oprah and Richard Branson? I recommend the app ‘Calm’.

2. Yoga. Not only is yoga really great for your body it is really great for your mind. Yoga can help improve flexibility and balance within the saddle whilst also helping you to become more relaxed and banish stress. You can easily find beginner tutorial videos on YouTube, so give it a go!

LD Equestrian Blog Self Care

3. Do an activity for 10 minutes a day that helps you to relax. For me I like to read or take a walk. Other people may enjoy a shower or a bubble bath. It may even be something like phoning a friend for five minutes or cuddling your dog. Whatever works for you! The point is to make yourself take 10 minutes out for you!

4. Aromatherapy. Don’t eye roll at this either! Stay with me. Aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years so we cannot deny that it does not work to some extent. Now, don’t look at this and immediately assume you need to douse yourself in 1L of lavender. NEOM is one of my favourite brands and the entirety of their brand is based upon self care. I love there little travel mini’s. They are ideal to keep in your bag or car, I often spray the small room mist in my car on the way to the yard, the body mist into my riding hat/ top of my base layer and then use the rollerball on my pressure points.


LD Equestrian Blog Self Care
5. Make a ‘Friday Feeling Playlist’ We all love that Friday feeling! So, why not construct a playlist of music that gives you that Friday feeling and makes you want to get up and dance around.

6. Treat Yo Self. Retail therapy can work absolute bloody wonders. Whether it be a new pair of leggings or ANOTHER MATCHY MATCHY set. Reward yourself for all your hard work.

Let me know if you decide to practise any of these self care methods and how did they work for you? Which is helpful and which is not? Do you currently practice any different self care methods? Let me know, I would love to hear.

Much Love
Lydia x


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