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3 Reasons Why Video Could Help You To Become an Absurdly Better Rider

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Do you find yourself watching back recordings of yourself competing to find where it went wrong or right?  Do you find yourself doing the same to recordings of yourself training? No! Here is 3 reasons why video could help you to become an absurdly better rider!


Boost Your Confidence

I suffer from anxiety and unfortunately this can affect me as a rider. To help boost my confidence and mentally prepare better I like to record and save my good rides. I find this helps as I am able to see ‘Look! You did not die the last time you rode! In fact, you got off smiling!’. It always helps me to me put my foot in the stirrup just that little bit less shakily. For those days when you doubt your riding ability, saved videos of you riding can help give you the little boost that you need!


Learn From Feedback

It can be very helpful to watch your videos and reflect on the performance of both you and your horse. Look for your good points, what you could improve upon and how could you improve upon it? It might be helpful to make notes of these in your phone, so when it comes to your next training session you know exactly what to work on.


Learn From The Best

It can be just as helpful and educational to watch other people ride as it is yourself. For example, if you are particularly struggling with jumping grids, watch some videos of a professional showjumper. YouTube is a fabulous tool but only if you utilize it!


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If you have read this post and are immediately thinking of which family member or friend can I get to stand in the wind and rain to record me…. Don’t worry. You don’t need help. You got this all on your own thanks to our help!

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