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Why You Need To Pack Our Technical T Shirts For Competing Abroad

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If you are competing abroad this year you will no doubt have started planning your packing list! We understand that you need to remain focused on what happens in the ring and not your closet, so we are here to help. It is essential that you pack smart and light, especially when you will be spending as much time travelling as competing.  So with that said, if you pack anything in your suit case it needs to be our Technical T Shirt!


Helpful Technology 

Our Technical T Shirts have been designed to support equestrians who want to perform at their best, wear after wear. The fabric that we create our technical t shirts with has natural elasticity meaning it stretches to support better shape retention. Shape retention is crucial to ensure maximum movement and recovery power. You need clothing that keeps up with you!

As well as being extremely durable, they are moisture wicking and mean business. The built in combination of fabric efficiently pulls moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate faster. Since the wicking performance is built within the fabric and is not chemically treated it will remain consistent throughout the life of the garment. Don’t sweat girl – sparkle!

Our T Shirts will keep you relaxed throughout the duration of your day. They are soft to the touch, kind to your skin and highly breathable so you don’t have to compromise on high quality, comfort or style. If you are going to be in the saddle all day you need to be comfortable enough to concentrate. Your movement must not be restricted for any kind of activity in the saddle.

Why you need to pack our technical t shirt for competing abroad - LD Equestrian Style Blog. (2)

No Bulk. No Nonsense

When packing you need clothing that isn’t bulky and doesn’t take up any room. You also need lightweight clothing to withstand the heat in countries such as Spain. Our T Shirts are perfect as they are lightweight and compact. They also enable freedom of movement whilst providing coverage whenever and wherever you require it. Our soft and ultra-luxe clothing is constructed to hug and move with your body for utmost comfort and freedom of motion.

I am also pretty sure that when competing abroad the last thing you want is to come back to your lorry and want to worry about the washing! Our technical t shirts contain a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed therefore they are very easy to care for. But if you do want to treat yourself and give them a little wash, they are very easy clean and dry quickly. 

Why you need to pack our technical t shirt for competing abroad - LD Equestrian Style Blog. (2)


Grit Combined With Glamour

They are figure flattering and stylish leaving you to look good and turn heads at all times. The subtle wave embellishment featured on them will provide elegance and will combine grit in your ride with glamour. They come in a Rich Charcoal colour or our very daring Blue Snakeskin Pattern Print! Pair them with our LDE ProTech Grip Breeches or Technical Leggings!


But, don’t take our word for it! Hear what our customers have to say about Technical T Shirts!  Use code FREE17 for cheeky free delivery!

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