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First Look – The New Le Mieux Colours SS18

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As a designer and style enthusiast, I love this time of year when I can trawl through all of the SS18 upcoming trends and new products. Whilst looking online I was so thrilled to recently discover Le Mieux have launched three new colours ready to pre order for SS18. YEY MORE MATCHY MATCHY!

Blush Pink

Now, I will admit that I am not a ‘girly girl’. I absolutely despise pink, so this colour personally isn’t for me (sorry Le Mieux). But, with that said this colour is a very cute shade of pink. I can imagine some teenage girls are going to adore dressing their ponies up in this set! Or even some pony & pink mad adults! I think a lot of people will fall in love with this shade, sadly not me.

Olive (My Favourite)

I am glad to see that Le Mieux has also released a shade that is something that may appeal to both female and male riders, or even those with a colour preference such as mine. I only own Navy and Black Le Mieux saddle pads as they do not clash with my bright orange Free Jumps. In addition, I prefer dark shades because I struggle to keep light things clean which I am sure the majority can relate to! I really adore this shade it is very different and such a classy shade of khaki. Khaki is a big colour trend for SS18 and I am glad to see that more equestrian brands are adopting more mainstream fashion trends. I also adore this colour as it matches a product we have releasing this Spring….


Finally! Le Mieux has brought out a colour to match my orange free jumps! Trust me to choose a colour that matches with hardly anything. Le Mieux has already released a ‘burnt orange’ set which is really nice. However, I much prefer this shade. My cross-country colours are orange and I prefer a bright orange rather than a sort of sunset orange with more red hues.  I think this set will look stunning on horses with darker coats such as dark bay or black.

Which colour is your favourite! Comment on this post to let me know, I am intrigued to see which the majority favourite is out of the three!





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