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Meet Our Brand Ambassador – Equestrian Style Influencer Eliza Eddy AKA @lizawatts

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This week I am thrilled to introduce you to our new brand ambassador Eliza Eddy! You may know her better as the drop dead gorgeous and equestrian style sensation that is @lizawatts. We have added Eliza to our team because who else better to show you guys how to ride in style?

Eliza kindly offered to do an interview for us to give you guys a chance to get to know her better as you are going to be seeing a lot more of her on our channels…


Hey Eliza, I am so happy to have you onboard as a team member! What are your thoughts on being a brand ambassador?

I am incredibly excited about being an ambassador for LD Equestrian because it is a combination of performance and fashion wear for riders.

You have worn a lot of equestrian brands but how does LD Equestrian’s compare to the rest?
I think LDE stands out amongst the crowd of equestrian clothing companies because of the design, fabric and detail.

I really appreciate that! We pride ourselves on the details that goes into our products. So, Eliza so far what would you say is your favourite LDE product and why?
My favourite product is the Snakeskin Pattern Technical T Shirt. The shine and sparkle details make it stand out compared to other riding shirts that I have.

You style a lot of looks. However, what is your absolute staple equestrian outfit? What do you find you style yourself in the most?

I think my favourite kind of equestrian outfit is my technical training gear. I love show clothes, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, especially with the hunters. I love to incorporate colours, detailing and accent touches to all my outfits. Show clothes can be a bit subdued and I feel like I can have way more fun with my daily riding outfits.

Do you have any staple items you take to the yard with you? What essentials do you pack in your riding bag?

My absolute essential items to have with me in my show bag are mints for treats when the horses go well, a ‘911’ bag with every care item from extra hairnets to SPF, and a good luck charm gifted to me by my mother.

Anyways, I think congratulations is order… You now have a following of 24.5K! Yes girl! Well done! Did you expect to earn such a big following? Did you know that your niche would be equestrian style?

I have always been into fashion and merging my passion for that and horses just came naturally. As far as my Instagram is concerned I never expected to gather the followers that I have. I tried to do something different with mine and make it not only about horses but equestrian fashion which are two of my favourite things. I only post items that I love and that hold up to hours of daily riding.2

I am sure our readers would love to know how long you have been into horse riding and how you got into it in the first place…

I was introduced to the sport when I was three by my mother who was a competitive rider as well. From the first time I was on, I never looked back. It has been a life long passion.

So tell us more about the loves of your life… your horses!

I am lucky to have four horses of my own; Madewell (Roo), Fredrick, CUssini and Veronique (V). The first three are my gelding hunters and the last is my sassy mare jumper. They are all wonderful and wonderfully different warmbloods. Madewell, a blood bay, is the most honest and aiming to please horse. Fredrick is my big chestnut who steals the spotlight whenever he enters the ring. Cussini a flea bitten grey, brings with him scope and elegance. Lastly is Veronieque, my bay jumper who loves her job more than any other horse I’ve ridden. She’s the fastest thing on four legs.

I am sure our riders will resonate with that feeling. So, when you aren’t at the yard where can we find you? What do you get up to?
I spend most of my time at the stable’s, but my free time is usually spent at the gym or playing with my four dogs.


You can follow Eliza on Instagram @lizawatts.


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