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What my brand is and what it is not.

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January is a time for reflection, I find. I have been doing just that. It is a crisp winter morning and I am huddled up with blankets in a heap on the sofa looking to plan out the year ahead. I think hard about what I want to achieve this year. I want to be noticed. I want my brand to be noticed for exactly what it is and for what it is not. Outstanding. Ethical. Positive. Affordable. Of course, stylish.


My brand is me.

‘LD’ are the initials of my name. I chose to name my brand after myself because I am my brand. Horse riding has never just been a sport to me, it is a way of life. Just as LD Equestrian has never just been another brand to me, it is a way of life. My life.


Affordable, timeless style.

The colours of my brand are timeless monochrome to reflect the statement pieces in our collection. LD Equestrian is not a ‘fast fashion’ brand. We create premium quality, sophisticated products at affordable prices to represent exceptional value for money.


Outstanding Customer Service

We have created a feel-good shopping experience with LD Equestrian, from our beautiful online store to our stunning gift box packaging. We want our customers to feel nothing less than wonderful at every touch point.


Ethical brand.

It was very important to me when sourcing manufacturers that they share the same values as I did. Social Justice. Fair Labour. Sustainable Technology. I am proud to say that the global manufacturers that I work with are reputable and moral suppliers. All of the products that are made by them are of the highest quality using ethical labour and materials only.

The manufacturers that we work with are leaders in their field of expertise, they use only the safest chemicals and fabrics for our textile processing. It is extremely important to me that LDE is an ethical brand, therefore we do not support the use of real fur, feathers or down in any of our products.


Positive brand.

I want my brand to represent positivity, always. The equestrian world can be exceptionally judgemental, and I will not be any part of that and neither will LD Equestrian. I want a brand that encourages young women to support one and other.

We have two incredible sponsored riders that support our brand. International Longines Global Champions Tour Show Jumper Paris Sellon and Aspiring 1* British Eventer Vicky Melia. Both are young and successful upcoming riders and are amazing role models for LD Equestrian.

The model of our brand is my best friend of over 10 years, Sophie. I wanted Sophie to represent my brand because she is a stunning, strong and successful young woman with impeccable style. She is also a very special to me just like my brand.


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