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8 Small Businesses To Get Excited About

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It is hard for little businesses to stand out, especially in front of industry giants. So, when I find a small business that is doing something well, I like to shout about it. Because the voice of small businesses is indeed their customers.

Here are 8 businesses that I believe are worth shouting about. 

  1. The one for getting seriously shiny ponies. Ecqlusive.

If you haven’t already followed the hype of Ecqlusive and their HAAS Brushes Kits then you reaaaaally need to. These brushes are literally a grooming game changer! If you invest in anything this year, buy one of these amazing kits. You can read my review on the brushes here.

  1. The one for when your wall needs some love – BeeInspired

Mandy is the wonderful and extremely talented lady behind BeeInspired artwork. She has a very unique style and perception. She creates some amazing bespoke artwork at very affordable prices. I will be returning to her again.

  1. The one for when you need to entertain the fluffy child – Bizzy Bites

My mare is the stereotypical ‘hard to please’ ‘high maintenance’ and ‘emotional’ kind. She snubs everything. However, she is so obsessed with her Bizzy Bites toy! She plays with it for hours, great for when she is stabled. They are very durable, they even help reduce my mare’s behavioural problems such as cribbing and wind sucking.

  1. The one for seriously good books and giggles. The Wimpy Eventer

This lady has me in absolute stiches. Victoria is a breath of fresh air in the equestrian world! Her posts and experiences are 100% honest and 100% relatable. I am yet to purchase one of her books, but I anticipate ordering some soon as motivation for the upcoming eventing season. You can read the reviews here though.

  1. The one for ridiculously beautiful tack. PM Equestrian

You can expect only the best from PM Equestrian. Stocking premium brands such as Parlanti, Antares Sellier and Tech Stirrups, PM Equestrian is only about quality. My favourite product is their Antares Sellier hats which are just simply stunning. In fact what am I saying.. ALL of their product are stunning! Paul the owner is lovely, extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and always happy to help! I have just purchased the stunning Antares Premium Stingray Helmet in Grey (pictured below). You can purchase it here.

  1. The one for when you need to cheer up a friend – Say it with brownies

Or… if you want to secretly eat all 15 on your own in your car. These are by far the best brownies I have EVER tasted and trust me… I have eaten a lot of brownies. They are lovingly hand made and come in almost every flavour. Seriously, delicious and seriously addictive.

  1. The one for sophisticated pieces of fine jewellery – Victorious Jewellery

I particularly love this brand because all the pieces are handcrafted in Yorkshire and of course, I am a Yorkshire lass. Victoria’s brand is ‘inspired by the countryside’. Her jewellery is nothing short of stunning and perfect for gifts. Speaking of gifts, if my darling boyfriend is reading this ‘Mini Catridge Necklace – Valentines’. Xoxo

  1. The one for when you cannot deal with cold, soggy toes any longer – Rudds Wellies

Championed by Dragon’s Den Deborah Meaden, these wellies are outperforming leading brands. Rachel Rudd is the lovely lady behind the brand and designed them to be able to ‘live in’. They are a stylish design and exceptional value for money. Invest in a pair this season. You will not regret it!




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