Preparing for Christmas… Equestrian Edition

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Hi Everybody,


So with just a few days until Christmas Day, you may be panicking trying to organise yourself and ensure everything is done in time, exercise and look after your horse too.

I always find the build up to Christmas is exceptionally hectic and I try to be organised so that I can relax and enjoy the actual day with my family.


First of all, I ensure that in the morning my clothes are laid out ready for the yard. This year I plan to dress casually, throw on my LD Equestrian Technical Leggings, LDE Classic Black Hoody and LDE Padded Jacket (Coming Soon).



On Christmas Eve every year I will prepare for the next day in order to make life easier for myself. Also, my mum always goes crazy when I am late for Christmas dinner because I spend ages at the yard! I will pre do my hay nets for the following day (it can be really handy to buy a couple of spare hay nets ready).  I will also pre make my feeds, again it can be handy to buy extra feed buckets. Alternatively, you can pre make your feeds in a carrier bag and simply pour them into your feed buckets the next day as cheaper alternative.


My favourite thing to do is to give my mare a big straw bed on Christmas Eve. I like to think that she is all tucked up warm and snuggly on a big bed for Christmas Day. It also makes mucking out easier.

Now if you like to have a traditional Christmas ride like most, enjoy it and prepare for it by having all your equipment put together. I am a neat freak anyway so all my tack is kept together neat and tidy. If you will out hunting boxing day, I would suggest you thoroughly clean your horse and tack on Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day you can give both your horse and tack a quick wipe over.


If you are busy and happen to be working this year or away for Christmas Day it might be a great idea to organise some help from one of your fellow liveries. Or alternatively if you aren’t in a mad dash on Christmas Day perhaps you could offer helping somebody else out that needs it!

Finally, make sure you wrap those presents up for your fluffy four legged other half so you can open them together the next day! This year I am treating my mare to her favourite treats, show sheen and a new bit! She is treating me to a lovely vet bill!



I hope you have a fabulous Christmas ! Have a fantastic day and don’t forget about our Boxing Day Sale live from midnight Christmas Day. Use code FREE4 for free delivery!



Much Love

Lydia x

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