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Hey everybody,

So this week the temperatures have definitely dropped here in the UK! It is freeeeezing! We have even seen the first bit of snow this year.

Now during this warm weather we equestrians aren’t lucky enough to be able to go straight home from work and snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. Nope. First of all we must freeze at the yard, dragging hay nets and ponies into their stables! Because of this, layers become crucial.

Layering is extremely important for keeping warm, dry and comfortable throughout varying conditions. There is a really easy system to layering that not many people are aware of. It is very cleverly named ‘The Layering System’.   The idea of the system is for you to use just three essential technical layers rather than lots of bulky layers to keep you protected and still be able to move freely.


It is as follows:

  • Base Layer –  The purpose of this layer is to be heat regulating and moisture wicking to keep you warm and dry.  As the name suggests, this layer is worn next to the skin. If sweat is trapped against your skin during physcial activities, it can suddenly make you very cold. That is why you should never use cotton based garments as a base layer.
  • Mid Layer (Hoody/Fleece) – Mid layers are essential to trap in all the warmth that your body generates. However, it should still remain to be breathable.
  • Outer Layer (Waterproof Jacket) – This layer is most important for defense against changing wintry conditions. It protects you from howling wind and harsh rain. A good outer layer will protect you and prevent the elements from coming in but also let the heat and moisture escape so that you do not overheat.

You can easily apply the layering system for both upper and lower body garments. I suggest for lower body you pair a technical leggings with your technical breeches on top, if this conditions are really terrible perhaps even some waterproof trousers or chaps.

The layering system does not mention these three things but I also consider them essentials at this time of year, a hat, a scarf, gloves and some thick technical socks.

It can always be difficult to predict the weather conditions and to therefore dress accordingly. However, we have provided below for you a small guide on how to best be prepared.





I hope this blog post helps you keep warm this winter!


Much Love

Lydia x


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