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Behind The Scenes At LD Equestrian

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Hey everybody,

Today, I thought I would give you a little insight as to what has been recently going on behind the scenes here at LDE HQ.

As always, I am continuously busy. However, December is of course a big month in retail and with Christmas fast approaching, things have become even more hectic!


You may have noticed that in the past couple of month there have been quite a few updates at LDE. We have recently had a complete makeover and re-branding to our website and in particular gift packaging (blog post to follow).

Everything that is produced by LDE has received a lot of care and attention. Whether that be our beautiful products, swing tags, flyers or stickers. I aim to ensure that everything we touch is of a high quality and of course stylish and sophisticated.

In between designing 2018’s product releases, trade events and marketing campaigns, I get to hand wrap and package every order that we receive. I especially love this part of my business because I feel like each order I package, I am gift wrapping a present for a friend.

So, yes. Every order you receive was hand packaged by the delightful me!

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that his month we have released a few new products just in time for Christmas.

One of those products was our brand new LD Equestrian Technical Leggings. So far, as predicted they have proved to become extremely popular. They are my new favourite and I know that they will soon become your new favourite too! Order your pair in time for Christmas right here.

Finally! It December and I can finally use these!! I am a little bit too excited about or LD Equestrian Christmas cards exclusive in every order. They are so cute and contain a nice little surprise 😉

I am already planning well ahead into 2018 and I am so excited! I hope you can join us for the ride!



Much Love





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