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8 Things Equestrians Should Say to Each Other

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Often, the stable yard can be a very ‘bitchy’ and ‘judgemental’ area. Luckily, my yard is not like this, everybody lifts each other up. However, I have seen a lot of negativity in the equestrian world in all of my years within it.


Equestrianism is such a tough and demanding sport, we really need to support each other more. Here are just 8 positive things we should say to each other more often!


By simply asking how somebody’s week is going, could make a huge difference to their day!

It can be hard to get sucked into the gossip at the yard. It started off as a joke but now I often tell myself and others to ‘stay in their light’ and by this I mean focus on you and what you want to achieve.

Everybody loves to be told they are looking good today, put a smile on somebody’s face!

On a yard, misunderstandings can happen. Sometimes, the hardest but best thing to say is ‘I am sorry’.

We can all become disheartened within our tough sport, I especially can! Sometimes a little reminder not to be so tough on yourself can be so helpful!

Show you support your yard by raising each other up and reminding one and other of how well you are all doing, despite what different levels you are at!

It is always great to know you can count on somebody for some support. Be that person. Plus, helping others out will make you feel good too! Win!



So, go ahead. Why not try just saying one of these positive things to somebody at the yard today?

Much Love

Lydia x

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