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Eco-Friendly and Ethical Manufacturing

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Hey guys,

Today I would like to shine the spotlight on the amazing manufacturers I work with to create the high quality pieces that forms our collection.

It was very important to me when sourcing manufacturers that they share the same values as I did. Social Justice. Fair Labour. Sustainable Technology.

I am proud to say that the global manufacturers that I work with are reputable and moral suppliers. All of the products that are made by them are of the highest quality using ethical labour and materials only.

The manufacturers that we work with are leaders in their field of expertise, they use only the safest chemicals and fabrics for our textile processing.

It is extremely important to me that LDE is an ethical brand, therefore we do not support the use of real fur, feathers or down in any of our products.

I continuously work closely with my manufacturers to ensure that together we produce only the highest quality technical wear.


Much Love Lydia


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