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Eqclusive HAAS Brushes Review

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Hello !

This is the very first review type of blog post I have ever done. Recently the Eqclusive HAAS grooming brushes have taken social media by storm! For quite some time, I have followed this hype, intrigued to see if they really are as amazing as everybody is saying they are! So, I decided to finally invest in a Dark Bay set for my mare and see for myself! Here is what I make of them…



I decided to purchase the Black/Dark Bay Standard Set, priced at £ 100 including next day delivery. The standard pack consists of 5 brushes and a free curry comb.

So, upon receiving the package, I was impressed by the very sophisticated branded matte black box that the brushes came in. Once I opened the box they were packaged very neatly and included two beautifully printed flyers. One included a discount code for Eqclusive and the second included instructions on what order to use the brushes in and for what purpose each brush is intended for.

The brushes are indeed very smart-looking and have a very luxe feel to them. They aren’t stereotypical bright blue or pink grooming brushes, they are very smartly designed. They fit very comfortably in your hands due to the smooth leather strap but are also quite lightweight considering they are made from a wood back.

The brushes are also considerably quite soft, especially the horsehair and lambswool ‘Coat Gloss’ brush. It felt almost too nice to use but I knew my mare would love the feel of this.

So, I decided to fully trial these brushes for 7 days as part of the Eqclusive HAAS 7 day Grooming Challenge. I was going to post before and after pictures of a fully body shot of my mare. However, I felt this unfair to her as she has been out of work for 5 months and due to muscle loss isn’t looking her complete best. I also know unfortunately how ‘opinionated’ the equestrian world can be. However, I have tried my best to show the before and after shots as I use the brushes.


I began with the first recommended brush which is the HAAS Parcour brush which basically removes dust and dirt. It is indeed very effective

in doing so! I was amazed to say that although the brush feels very soft, it removed some very hard dirt on the legs with ease. However, I did


have to use the curry comb for some more deeply embedded poo stains, however, I believe this was more difficult because my mare is currently unclipped (due to being out of work) and her fluffy coat seems to cling to these kind of stains.

I moved on then to the HAAS Lipizzaner Brush which is intended to remove sweat and oily combinations from the coat.


This brush is my second favourite brush, simply because my mare can have a very ‘scurfy’ coat at times as you can see from the photos below.

I have never been able to completely get rid of this from her coat and it is the bane of my life.

But, this brush completely clears any dust underneath the coat.

It is incredible!

Up next, is the HAAS Cavallier Brush. This brush is intended to simply get rid of any dirt that has been brought to the surface by the previous brushes. It does do this rather well, but not 100%. Probably about 80%. However, I have only been using these brushes for just over a week so I will give them the benefit of the doubt because I purposely left my mare reaaaaally dirty to try them out on her.

I will also add that I used all of the brushes as with the curry comb at the same time. I am very traditional with my grooming and I like to use my brush for a few strokes and then the curry comb as I go to clean the brush. I feel that if I don’t do this I am simply just putting dirt back onto the coat. I found this really effective to use and in fact I could better see just how much dirt that the brushes were lifting from my mares coat.

Finally, I used the HAAS Diva Exclusiv and Coat Gloss Brushes together. I did not use the curry comb on these because they are too soft to withstand the harshness of the rubber. I am unsure if you should use these together but I felt personally they worked really well together.

One stroke of brush one allowed me to remove any final residue on the top of the coat and the second stroke from brush two added a show ready polish. This really lifted light dust from the coat and I saw a huge difference as you can see in the photos below. Arguably the Lambswool brush is my favourite simply down to the effective show polish result it has.

After, a week of using these brushes, I can say the effects are very beneficial and long-lasting. My mare’s coat has improved by at least 70% and her coat is so glossy. I have had so many compliments from various people on the yard about the condition of her coat.

I would totally recommend the HAAS Brushes to every equestrian. They are now an essential in my kit and I 100% happy with my purchase of them. They are certainly worth every single penny.

Thank you to Eqclusive for their amazing customer service as well and fast delivery! You can purchase the HAAS brushes right here: https://eqclusive.com/products/haas-black-short-hair-horse-pack?variant=21877405697


Much Love

Lydia x








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