Paris Sellon International Showjumper LD Equestrian Sponsored Rider

International Showjumper Paris Sellon – Sponsored Rider Spotlight

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Hey everybody,

This week I am thrilled to announce international show jumper Paris Sellon as our new sponsored rider! So, read on to get to know her a little better…


Paris Sellon LD Equestrian Sponsored Rider Longines Global Champions Tour

Paris is a 25 year old American Showjumper currently riding as part of the Longines Global Champions Tour. She began riding at the very young age of 3 and competing at the age of 7, she currently trains with fellow American showjumper Lauren Hough. In 2014, Paris made the move from California to the UK to be better located for competing across Europe.

I believe Paris is a fantastic representative of our brand, she is an extremely talented and motivated young rider with a successful career ahead of her. In addition to being an aspirational role model for our brand, Paris is a growing style icon within the equestrian world. I am thrilled to be working with Paris and excited for the designs we can create together in the future! Let’s see what Paris thinks about being partnered with LD Equestrian…

 This year has been a success for Paris as part of the 2017 GLC Miami Glory Team along with Scott Brash, Cian O’Connor, Georgina Bloomberg and Kimberley Prince. She is now currently ranked 52nd in the GCT Ranking. Wow!

Paris Sellon LD Equestrian Sponsored Rider Longines Global Champions Tour


“I am proud to call LD Equestrian a special partner of mine and I am looking forward to their new products that will be coming out soon”

“ I believe that equestrian clothing should be simple, modern and comfortable. LD Equestrian encompasses all three of these qualities. “ What I love most about LD Equestrian is that the clothing is both comfortable and functional.”

“ I also love the simplicity of LD Equestrian’s designs as I believe that equestrian clothing should be as uncomplicated as possible. The focus should be on the overall look of the rider.”


Paris Sellon LD Equestrian Fun Fact

Here are some fun facts about Paris that you might not know…

Paris’s parents are both tv producers. They have been involved in several US sitcoms, including Friends, Will and Grace, Frazier and The Big Bang Theory.

Paris recently graduated with a major in Sports Management and Physiology!





Paris has been riding in LD Equestrian pieces for a few months now and shares with us her favourite products below…


Featured in Horse & Countryside Magazine (3)


LD Equestrian Charcoal Technical T Shirt, Lightweight Luxe Jacket and ProTech Grip Breeches

“Combining the Technical T Shirt and Lightweight Luxe Jacket allows a full range of motion when riding. It also looks very stylish and modern.”

“The technical breeches allow me to feel secure in the saddle whilst having a close contact to my horse”.


I am so thrilled that LD Equestrian and Paris are partnered together, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us both!




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