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Our Brand New Look… Unveiled

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Hello there everybody,

I am delighted today to share with you our brand new look!

Our rebranding and website is something that I have been working on behind the scenes at LD Equestrian for quite some months now, so let me talk you through just some of the thinking behind our new look and design elements of our website.

I decided this summer to focus on my customers. First of all, I decided to completely refresh with updated branding to reflect how I want my customers to feel, stylish and sophisticated. Therefore I decided upon a very simple and elegant theme and monochrome colour palette.

I also wanted to provide my customers with the most wonderful shopping experience that I could possibly provide for them. A starting point for this would be a new straightforward website with improved features and faster loading pages.


A Delightful Shopping Experience from LD Equestrian

Our updated shop allows you to easily browse through our range of products from technical t shirts,  hooded sweatshirts, breeches and bracelets. You can find technical features and information about all of our casual and technical products to demonstrate the high value of each piece. Each product briefly explains what I think it would be best used for so you can easily decide which product you think suits your needs. I also have all the necessary care information listed on our website so you can care for your products easily after purchase. I also love hearing what you think about your new products and the customer experience that you received so therefore I have enabled you to leave a review under each product where you can also rate LDE out of 5 stars, which a few of you have already acknowledged.


LD Equestrian Product Reviews Delightful Shopping Experience

FAQS LD Equestrian Blog

I have also aimed to further delight you by answering all of your common questions in our customer services tab at the footer of our website. You can find out everything from our delivery costs to ethical sourcing here. However, I do love talking to all of my customers so feel free to contact me if you require anything else, or even for a chat! I am a delight, I promise you.


FAQs Delivery Manufacturer LD Equestrian


Another feature that I am really excited about is our new look book! You can now scroll through our catalogue of equestrian style inspiration and then shop our pieces to recreate your favourite look. I will admit, currently we only have a few looks on there but that is because we are still in the process of rebranding. However, we have an upcoming photoshoot with some brand new products booked for later this month, ensure you are there with us on the shoot by following us on Instagram! @ld_equestrian

LD Equestrian Look Book


LD Equestrian Shiny New Blog

Finally, as you are reading this you will have noticed our shiny new blog and updated cleaner layout for your pleasure, please do let us know your thoughts on this and our new look! I have some helpful and insightful blog posts scheduled for the next few months so be sure to subscribe to our new blog.

Thank youBlack Nova Designs

The brand new website would not have been possible without the amazing help of Danielle and Kyle from Black Nova Designs, they have been so helpful and have worked extremely hard to get our website up and running. Thank you so much!

Of course, I continuously work to improve our brand, products and services for the benefit of our customers so I will continue to add and update our website in future months so keep checking back.

Our new website is now live as you can see and to celebrate this weekend only we are offering a free LDE ‘Timeless Bracelet’ worth £ 15 to ever order placed over £ 25.   (Expires Monday 13/11/17)

Much Love Lydia x



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