The Five Biggest Equestrian Clothing Frustrations

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My guesses are that if you have found yourself on this blog post, you clicked because you too share a particular frustration with equestrian clothing. 


As a designer, I often look into the common frustrations that equestrians are facing with their riding wear because I want to solve their problems and better aid them.  

Last month, I conducted a small bit of market research to see what problems equestrians were experiencing with their clothing and if I could solve their problems. 

I simply posted an image on social media (the one below) asking people to comment with their frustration. The response I got was pretty incredible. Over 350 people reacted to the post in just a few hours!

I decided to show my findings in this blog post and share with you how the products that I have personally developed can help you or how I plan to help you in the future. 

 As a consumer, I agree, it appears that if something is ‘equestrian’ it is immediately expensive. 

The truth is price really depends on value, if something is cheap it is often cheaply made and is less durable or poor quality. If something is a higher price that is often because it has been made well and built to last using high quality materials.

 For example, the majority of us now own a smart phone and these days, they are very expensive at around £ 200-300 to buy brand new. However, often we do not question paying this much for them because they come with so many different features, they help us in some way in our day to day lives and have a minimum 2 year warranty. In addition, the company probably offers outstanding customer service even after the point of sale.

If an equestrian company wants me to pay a premium price for their product I except the product to be highly technical, good looking, beneficial, durable and to the company must deliver outstanding customer service. As a paying consumer, I deserve no less and I want to feel I have got good value for my money. So, in review, if you are looking to purchase an equestrian garment, review the price vs the quality, both of the product itself and the customer service that you receive. 

How can I help? 

My main aim in my business is to leave all of my customers feeling delighted. The entire LD Equestrian collection is designed with a reasonable price in mind. We base our prices to be a realistic reflection of what is affordable to our customers but what also reflects the high quality of our products and exceptional customer service. We are so confident, that if you don’t agree that our prices reflect our quality, we will be more than happy to refund you! 

 The fit of a garment is such a big factor when purchasing clothing for any purpose. None of us have the exact same body shape and therefore none of us can all have the exact same clothing. There is rarely a brand that can cater to all types of fits, I understand this as a clothing business owner. However, there is also no ‘niche’ brands within the equestrian clothing sector that cater to a particular shape. For example people that are taller than average. I will expand more on this point later. 

How can I help?

Although, I admit as hard as I try to produce products that cater to everybody, that process does take time. This is something I consider a high priority and I am currently developing. However, at present most of our products do offer a regular fit and in most instances there is at least one product within our range that will suit every individual’s body shape.

 I am amazed sometimes about the lack of practicality some equestrian clothing garments offer. For example, would you buy a swimsuit to go scuba diving if it was not waterproof? Of course not! So, would you buy a jacket to go riding in if it didn’t have pockets to fit in your belongings or phone? Of course not, it would increase your risk of safety when out hacking! 

I am also always curious, as a designer, as to why people purchase equestrian clothing that can offer them absolutely no benefit. If I knew a product could  help keep me cool, calm and collected whilst training under the summer sun vs a product that can offer me absolutely nothing other than to cover my skin, which would I be most likely to purchase? Of course, like most people it would be the most technical product because it can help aid me more and therefore is a more sensible and justified choice.

How can I help?

When designing new pieces I try my hardest to ensure that the designs in some form are as practical as I can make them. Of course, I do this to benefit the rider otherwise, what is the point. All of the pockets on our garments are deep enough to fit most smart phones and your belongings. Our technical garments have been developed with multiple assets and benefits.  In addition we are continuing to further develop our range and will soon be introducing new and improved garments.

 One of the main things that has always confused me with equestrian clothing is the lack of design and style. Horse riding is a sport and I personally find the lack of ‘sporty’ pieces is rather strange. Sportswear in particular is now even more fashionable than ever, you only need to take famous designer collaborations for instance such as Stella McCartney and Adidas.  So, why has there never been a transition take place within the equestrian clothing sector? 

Just because we ride horses doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish whilst we do it! As equestrians we take such pride in how our horses are turned out, should we not have the same approach with ourselves? 

I was too, so bored by equestrian clothing. I think in particular, this is why I created our very controversial product our ‘Snakeskin Pattern Technical T Shirt’. I wanted a product that created attention, even if it was for the right or wrong reasons! Although, I feel now with the emerging young equestrian brands and equestrian style bloggers, we will soon see a bigger change. But, in the meantime, I can help you.

How can I help?

All of our designs are stylish, modern and guaranteed to leave you looking great and feeling fabulous! Why not explore our range or get in contact with us, one of our stylists will be more than happy to help you create an equestrian wardrobe tailored to your personal taste and needs.

 When I first started LDE, I was a frustrated consumer, possibly just like you too.  The lack of choice available to me was indeed particularly annoying. 

There is a lack of options for women but in particular men and children. Currently there are no different ranges to cater to petite, plus size, short or tall body types. In addition, there is a no range in designs to suit different age groups and tastes. I can also hugely sympathise with the lack of options for men, especially in terms of price point. I am still shocked by the lack of designs and choice available to male equestrians!

However, there are a lot of new brands emerging now within the equestrian clothing sector that cater to a niche include LDE. I am currently planning on how I can ensure that eventually LDE can cater to every demographic.

How can I help? 

We currently offer casual and technical pieces in sizes 8 – 16 to cater to as many people as we possibly can. Currently, I am planning to develop a men’s range within the foreseeable future, so keep checking back! Why not subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates and product launches.

Let me know about your equestrian clothing frustrations, what problems do you face? Perhaps, I can help you!

Either way, I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to seeing you on my blog again soon! 


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