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Why you should be thankful for your horsey mum

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Hello everybody!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have all let your mum’s know exactly how much they mean to you today and how much you appreciate them. My poor Mum hoped for a really ‘girly’ girl who wanted to wear pink and to learn ballet. She instead got me, who loves mud, horses and living in wellies. Bless her. Whether your mum is horsey or not, she must have at some point supported your passion in one way or another. If you need any further reasoning as to why you should be grateful for your Mum, please see the evidence below:

– Your mum has been washing your horse riding clothes and unclogging the horse hair from the washing machine forever.

– She has stood in the cold, wet, wind and rain to watch you in your riding lesson or competition.

– She may have even been roped into helping organise pony club rallies.

– She has probably even invested in a pair of wellies to even be better equipped for the job.

– Your mum has selflessly given up something herself to support your hobby even if it something like staying in bed for a little bit longer!

– Your mum has learnt all the correct terms and scoring systems and maybe even played hell when you got marked down.

– Your mum has probably dedicated her nights to sewing your rugs back together.

– She has accepted that her car is now a mobile tack room.

– She has accepted her horses are also now her life as well. 

From the beginning of my addiction my mum has supported me, she didn’t make me stop running around the garden on a sweeping brush pretending to jump hurdles, she convinced my Dad to buy me my first pony, she has held her nose and helped me muck out my pony after school. During my GCSE’s she basically took looking after my horse for me full time. And now she has fully accepted my horse as her ‘fluffy granddaughter’. I want to take this time to thank my own mum for washing all my dirty riding gear, for standing in the wind and cold watching me in my riding lessons and for supporting me with my lifestyle. Thank you Mum. 

I don’t know where to begin in thanking my mum, Anita. She has always been my biggest supporter throughout my life but especially when it comes to my passion for horses. My mum is responsible for my love of horses, she took me to my first ever riding lesson when I was 4 years old having absolutely no knowledge of horses herself and I’ve never not

 ridden since. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her, the endless bills, the cold, wet, windy competitions and the fear she feels every time she walks a cross country course with me. I don’t think I can remember a time where my mum has ever missed a competition of mine unless absolutely necessary! When I’m competing her heart jumps every fence with me, she feels the joy I feel and the disappointment when it goes wrong! Without the endless support from my Mum I would have never had the opportunities I have had with university, eventing and she even bought my two horses for me! She is my best friend and my biggest fan and I am lucky that I get to call her my mum! Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your continued support and for helping to make me the rider I am today! Vick x 

Much Love

Lydia x

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