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Why you need the right clothing to ride in…

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Hey everybody,

In this blog post I am going to explain the importance of having the correct clothing to ride in and how it can impact your performance. It is important to have the correct clothing to ride in so that you have the right amount of movement to perform correctly and comfortably. Here is what you should be paying attention to when buying new riding attire and why:


It is important to choose clothing that is made from the correct fabric. For example if you anticipate a light workout such as hacking or mucking out cotton clothing is soft and comfortable making it ideal for light perspiration. However, if you plan on a more demanding workout such as schooling or jumping you may need to consider a fabric with moisture wicking qualities as it will help you to remain cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

In our new range of clothing we use combinations of spandex, polyester and nylon which are naturally elasticity meaning it stretches with the rider to support better shape retention. You want to purchase clothing that is long lasting and retains its shape, for more wears and more rides. 


These fabrics also contain a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed therefore they are very easy to care for. The built in combination of the fabrics efficiently pulls away moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate faster.  Since the wicking performance is built within the fabric and is not chemically treated the moisture wicking performance will remain consistent throughout the life of the garment.

The fabrics we selectively process for our garments are soft to the touch, kind to your skin, quick drying and highly breathable so you don’t have to compromise on high quality, comfort or style.

Also, in warmer weather our moisture wicking fabric will prevent heat-related illnesses whilst riding, to those of you that live in a warmer climate or do not cope well with the heat – this is essential. 


Consider the right fit to your style. Do you prefer loose fitting clothing so that you are well covered? Or do you prefer fitted clothing that will allow you to see your muscles and curves?  If you are a happy hacker you may prefer a plain t shirt and hoody. If you enjoy intense training then you may want a more technical garment to aid you in your workout. It is important you purchase clothing to meet your individual needs.

Our pieces compliment the shape of the rider whilst also remaining functional; bringing comfort to an intense schooling session or even a coffee morning with the girls. Our structure also offers the ultimate slimming and lifting enhancements for either illusion or maintenance.

Designed fit for any equestrian activity, our garments enable freedom of movement whilst providing coverage wherever and whenever you require it. Our soft and ultra-luxe clothing is constructed to hug and move with your body for utmost comfort and freedom of motion.

The right garment may offer protection and prevent injury. For example a long sleeved technical base layer will keep you cool and comfortable but should you fall – it will protect your arms. 


A quick breakdown of technological assets and their benefits:

– Shape retention – To ensure maximum movement and recovery power.

– Moisture wicking – Breathable fabric pulls moisture away from the skin’s surface to keep you dry.

– Lightweight – No bulk. No nonsense.

– Moveability – Structured design to minimise friction and aid movement.

– High performance – Hard wearing features to assist with control and movement.

– Fast drying – Evaporates moisture in moments to keep you cool and collected.

– Breathable – Allows air to pass through so that perspiration can evaporate.

You can view our new collection here :  https://www.ld-equestrian.co.uk/new-collection  use code FREE17 for free delivery!

Much Love

Lydia x

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