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Why I Made Our Technical Base Layer

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Hi Everybody,

This week I wanted to do a blog post about one of our amazing pieces of clothing. So, essentially a bit of a brag about why our Technical Base Layer is so amazing and high value for money. 

The reason I designed our base layer is because I wanted to add a multi functional sporting garment to our collection which was affordable to all. I envisioned my customer using our base layer not only for riding in but for any sporting activity or outdoor pursuit they wish to. 


 hen choosing the fabric for the garment I was very clear that I required an extremely soft and lightweight fabric with a variety of technical assets. I tried and tested a wide selection and I finally decided upon the fabric we have used for the piece today. The fabric provides a soft ‘second skin’ feel. I wanted the garment to have a slimming structure although I didn’t want my customer to feel restricted when riding, deciding upon the fabric was a very well thought out process.

Although, the fabric is extremely soft, it is highly durable which is very important for a sport such as horse riding.  In addition this item has been designed to have shape retaining qualities so that you can wear and wash it as much as you like without it altering in quality from that first wear.


Often, most people are deterred by ‘stretchy’ fabrics as they assume that they will ‘cling’ to their skin and not be breathable. So, I chose a fabric that would prevent this and instead I chose to implement figure flattering panelling into the design of the base layer to enhance my customers natural silhouette. 

Many people don’t consider moisture wicking qualities in garments but the truth is they can make all the difference to your comfort and therefore overall performance. The fabric of our base layer efficiently pulls away moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate faster. Since the wicking performance is built within the fabric and is not chemically treated the moisture wicking performance will remain consistent throughout the life of the garment. 

Currently, our base layer is only available in one colour run which is Sapphire Blue. I chose this vibrant blue because it gave a surge of energy and I figured how great that an item of clothing could motivate you when in the saddle. It is such a beautiful and bright blue. My brand is based upon ‘breaking the mould’ and what better way to stand out that in Sapphire? 

Our base layer design is like most of our pieces, simple and sophisticated with just a hint of subtle bling.  It is guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous.

But, don’t take my word for it, see what our customers have to say… 

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