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The Do’s and Don’ts of Equestrian Clothing

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Hey you! 

So, if you are reading this blog you are probably curious as to what you could actually be doing wrong when you are buying equestrian clothing? Believe me, there was also a time when I didn’t you could possibly do anything wrong either. Often, I think we can forget that horse riding is a sport and of course with any sport, you need the right clothing and equipment to be safe and supported. You wouldn’t go diving without the correct wet suit and breathing equipment. You wouldn’t play football with the correct trainers and shin pads. So, I hope you wouldn’t ride a horse without the correct hat, boots and breeches. 

So what should and shouldn’t you be doing when it comes to your riding equipment and clothing? Here are some small points for consideration…


Invest in new clothes, it can help motivate you towards achieving your aims. For example, every year in the boxing day sales I always go out and invest in a new pair of gym trainers and helps motivate me towards getting back in the gym after the Christmas holidays. Perhaps a new pair of breeches might motivate you to get in the saddle and get training for that next event. 

Girls look after your girls. Invest in a high quality sports bra, even if you are like me and don’t support a full chest, you still need one! The risk of neglecting a sports bra could result in sore breasts, stiff shoulders and neck, aching back and even headaches.  

 Find clothing that flatters your figure for example with contrast stitching or panelling in the right places. It can really help accentuate your body. The structure of our garments offer the ultimate slimming and lifting enhancements for either illusion or maintenance. 

Now this point isn’t about clothing but it is SO important. PLEASE invest in a riding helmet that meets the current standards. It could safe your life, need I say more. Antares Sellier hats are made to highest standard of safety and are the most stylish hats currently on the market. https://www.pmequestrian.co.uk/product-category/helmets/

Invest in fashion x function. I design all of our pieces to ensure that they not only help you perform at your best but also help you look stylish. Also, if you feel good, you are more likely to nail your schooling session. 


Ride without wearing gloves! It can reduce risk of injury and breaking a nail! But the most important factor is that it can affect the grip on your rains. 

Shy away from prints. The right print on your active wear can affect your mood and your look. Be bold, be brave, be brilliant in print. Why not check out our Snakeskin Patterned Technical T Shirt.  

 Buy breeches simply for the design, look at the technical attributes too and ensure you get real value for your money. Plus, the entire reason that you wear breeches to ride in is for the technical construction of them. They allow you to freedom of movement and comfort when riding, the seams are designed to avoid irritation and finally silicone grip is designed to aid your position.

Go anywhere else but LD Equestrian. We have all the technical clothing you could ever need to help aid you in the saddle. Check out our collection here: https://www.ld-equestrian.co.uk/ldeshop

Much Love

Lydia x

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