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My Top 10 Stable Yard Annoyances

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Hi Everybody,

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog post.

Now I do aim for my blog to discuss relevant industry news and topics. However, sometimes I may just need to vent or have a little laugh about things that annoy me. In my many years of owning horses I have been on a lot of livery yards and the other day I was recollecting all of the yard annoyances that I have built up. So I would like to take the opportunity to share these with you and basically have a little rant. So let me know if you agree with me and enjoy!

1.  When nobody sweeps up. Anywhere. Like literally, nowhere. Everybody you can see on the yard has a brush but has just chosen to not use one. WHY!


2.  ‘The special requirements horse’. You all know exactly what I am talking about – there is always one. Sometimes it has even been my horse. There is always one owner who deems their horse to have special requirements that everybody must be aware of and adhere to. It might be Dusty who must have 20 slices of straw as their bed because she has pettyowneritus. Perhaps even fudge the Shetland needs turning out at 5pm in the arena when everybody else wants to use it because they suffer with reallybloodyannoyingowneritus.


3. The untidy tack room – my biggest pet hate. When you have to make it through a survival course just to be reach your riding hat.

 4.  What I like to call ‘seagull liveries’ the ones that fly in, make a lot of noise and disruption and then leave. What the?


5. Fellow yard members who do not understand the ‘left to left’ rule. I will admit I am one. I have often veered my thoroughbred into an unsuspecting child on their Welsh Section A. I am sorry but it is your fault for not knowing where I am going.

 6. When there is just one good sweeping brush or just one good wheelbarrow and it is a fight to the death to get your hands on it.


7. When you arrive at the hay bale to fill your net hoping it will be a quick job and oh wait no, it has not been unraveled in layers but has been pulled from every which way and looks scared and shaken up.  The horror.

 8.   When nobody stands on the muck heap. Now I am guilty of this in the past too. Climbing onto that bad boy sometimes feels like your climbing Everest. You just could do without it some days.

 9. Rats. Now we all now, rats are everywhere. But why do they have to wait until you are just reaching into the bottom of the feed bin to run out at you.

 10. When you plan all day what you are going to do in your schooling session and how great it will be but then the jumps are left out and you have to do some seriously skilled weaving in and out of the jumps. 

And…. breathe. 

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