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My Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Equestrians

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Hey everybody,

Today the aim of my blog post is to help everybody save money. Horse riding is a very costly sport and I am pretty sure we would all love to save even just a little bit of money to put towards show entry fees or some new breeches. So, here are my top ten money saving tips! Enjoy!

1. Sharing is caring! Why not ask your fellow liveries if they would like to share your next visit from your vet, farrier or dentist. You could even ask your instructor for a discount on large group bookings.

2. Shop for seasonal products at the end of the season because this is where the biggest reductions and savings are to be made.

3. Your annual horse insurance renewal will never decrease unless you actively shop around for the best price. Use the comparison site: https://insurance.equinecompare.co.uk/ 

4. Need a place to safely store all of your equipment but can’t afford to buy a big locker or tack room? Buy a garden storage box from B&Q which can also double up as a mounting block!

5.  Forget buying a feed scoop – simply cut the top off of a milk bottle. 

6. Forget having lots of bottles and tubs cluttering your tack room – buy some baby oil from your local pound shop and use it as mud guard and detangler! Save money and storage space.

7.  Whilst you are the pound shop why not stock up on some snacks and bottles of water for upcoming horse shows and save money rather than buying whilst you are there.

8. Often things go missing on livery yards especially because horse riding requires a lot of equipment. So, to save yourself buying an item again when it goes missing – invest in some cheap asset tags!

9. Is your yard in walking or cycling distance? Why not walk or cycle to the yard instead of driving and save a little bit of money? Or even car share with a fellow livery? 

10. Learn how to use a sewing machine and repair all of your rugs yourself to save on costs!

Let me know your money saving tips or if you found any of my tips useful please share this blog post!

Much Love

Lydia x

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