How to Become Positive Overnight

How to Become Positive Overnight

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Hi Everybody,

So today, I wanted to do a blog post about positivity. Our mindset impacts how we view the world and in order to brighten that view we must infuse more positivity into our thought pattern.  So, why not try these simple exercises to help you feel more positive? What works for you? Let me know!

1. Get up earlier and appreciate the morning. Crack open your windows and hear the birds singing over a cup of tea. Yes, this may sound like a scene out of a Disney film but trust me, that fresh morning air can help clear your mind. 

2. Saddle up! There is no better day to saddle up than today! There is no better solution to a negative mood that to simply, put your boots on and head to the yard! 

3. Read something positive, here a couple of my favorite ‘short and sweet’ quotes. 



4. For every negative, find a positive.  For example, if a friend cancels plans on you last minute, use that time to go riding and enjoy yourself instead. If you didn’t get the dressage score or comments you wanted in your test, look at the negatives and instead view them as constructive points to help improve you as a rider.

5. Ditch negative energy. This may sound harsh but as I am getting older (22 in two days time OH DEAR) I now realise how important it is to surround myself with positive people that value me in their life and benefit my life. I now have a few select friends that I value dearly and I make time for people that make time for me and ‘lift me up’. 

6. Spend more time doing what makes you happy. If you enjoy reading, carve out five minutes every day in your schedule to read a book. Life is short, do what makes you happy. 

7. If you still feel negative, retail therapy can work wonders! Treat yourself to something new from our online shop and give yourself a well deserved boost! (The free gift and complimentary gift packaging from LD Equestrian will be sure to make you feel great)  


8. Do something positive! Do a charitable act, help somebody out, arrange something nice for somebody special to you and make yourself feel good by helping others feel good. I plan to buy some blankets and toys for the dogs at my local shelter this month. 

9. Sleep well. A good nights rest can help you feel positive and refreshed in the morning. Also, everynight before I go to bed, I mentally list one positive thing, it could be something positive I have done that day or one positive thing that I appreciate in my life. Why not try it for yourself?

 10. Don’t forget to smile! Allowing a simple smile to sweep over your face can help boost your mood instantly. Plus, life is beautiful so what better reason to smile!

Let me know if any of these tips helped you!

Much Love 
Lydia xx

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