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Considered trying a new equestrian discipline

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 Hi all!

In the next few weeks, I want to discuss the many amazing equestrian disciplines that are out there and that probably many of us would like to have a go at. I have always been enthusiastic to give most equestrian sports a go and in fact I have my own ‘equestrian bucket list’. 

I have previously had a go at carriage driving at a local riding school but I still have, polo, horse ball and western riding to tick off! 

I am sure if you are reading this blog, you too would like to have a go at something different, but how do you get involved?

So, in my next few blog posts, I will be ditching the textile talk and discussing some equestrian sports and how you can have a go!

This week I am focusing on polo. Polo is world famous and renowned for being the fast and the furious of the equestrian world. Yes, it may be also associated with champagne and kitten heels but there is indeed much more depth to this game. 

 I caught up with Beth Hicks who is not only a photographer but a keen polo player to see how she got first became involved in the sport and how you can too!


Hi Beth. Can you first of all tell me what you play and if you are part of a team or anything?

I play polo! I’ve played as part of a team against other members of the club a few times but we’re only just starting to figure out actual teams to play against other universities and which positions are best for which players.

That sounds so fun! What made you want to give polo a try?

I originally gave polo a try as a good friend of mine is the chairman of the polo club and she persuaded me to give it a go.

So, what made you fall in love with polo? Do you find it beneficial to your everyday riding?

I love polo because of the adrenaline rush it gives me, there’s nothing quite like cantering/galloping after the ball! Also it’s benefited my every day riding as it’s really boosted my confidence!

Finally, what would you say anybody wanting to give polo a try? How can they give it a go for themselves?

And to anyone wanting to give polo a go, I’d say absolutely go for it!

For anyone at University or college, there is often a polo club where they often run taster sessions and if not, there are many polo clubs around that’ll be able to give you some lessons to get you started. 

You can visit Beth’s website at : https://bethhicksphotography.wordpress.com/

Do you participate in any equestrian discipline, how did you get started? If you would like to feature on a future blog post, get in touch via our contact page.

Much Love


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