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Jen, not only are you a successful equestrian social media icon but you are also a blogger, model, mum and now a film double too! How do you manage to do everything and what is your approach to it?


Thank you!!  That’s really kind of you to say. I definitely like to keep myself busy…I also have a very supportive husband and daughter. I ride every day so its easy to do a daily riding outfit post. Keeping busy helps keep me inspired.


Sometimes I get a little tired of being on my phone so much, but I enjoy all of the opportunities that have come my way because of it.

To what do you owe your success to date? How have you been able to achieve everything that you have?

That’s a good question.  I’d say having a positive outlook is important and never giving up.  Also being kind to everyone, you never know what opportunity will present itself.  I enjoy what I am doing and what I am posting so it comes easy.  

How did you first discover your love for fashion and styling outfits? What made you start styling equestrian outfits in particular?


I got into fashion when I first started modeling.  I loved dressing up in all of the fun outfits and being creative with my looks.  As for StyledEquestrian, I thought it would be fun to start posting riding outfits as well as showing how one equestrian piece can be incorporated into an everyday street style.  

Do you have any styling tips for our readers?

Start with a good fit…if you don’t feel good in something, then it’s hard to be confident.  Pick out a couple of favourite pieces and style your outfits around them.  If you look at a certain pair of breeches or a belt, often times the rest of the outfit will just come together because you get inspired by the article of clothing you started with.  

What are your ‘barn essentials’ ?

Hand wipes, face wipes and horse treats of course!

You of course own a lot of equestrian clothing but how does LD Equestrians pieces shape up? How does it


compare? Does it help to aid you in any way?

I like LD’s style and functionality.  I have a few pieces from LD and all are fun to wear and a great quality.  

Being a US customer what sizing advice would you have with regards to LDE’s clothing?

I think they run true to size.  If you’re a US small then you will be a small in LD.

What is your favourite LD Equestrian product and why? Or if you don’t particularly have a favourite product, what do you like about the brand and why?

My dark grey gilet (puffy vest)!!  It is a staple for me…..I wear it all of the time, both at the barn and around town.  It has a great fit, is super cozy and the color goes with everything.  


Thank you Jen for supporting LD Equestrian and taking the time out to feature on our blog post! You can follow Jen on instagram @styledequestrian

Much Love
Lydia x

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